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More documents will be added as time goes on.

This website was initiated in a bit of a rush to have a place to post certain documents pertaining to Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Madison, WI. This was occasioned by a proposal initiated in the name of the "Cathedral Parish of St. Raphael" (a canonical entity that is the product of the forced merger of the parishes of St. Raphael, Holy Redeemer, and St. Patrick) by clergy to convert the Holy Redeemer School building into apartments for "students of means" attending the UW-Madison. As this proposal was pushed through over the the objections of parishioners who are familiar with and have been caring for the building, and, indeed, without any meaningful and substantial consultation with laymen of the parish, it is controversial.

  1. Initial Comments in Response to Rector's solicitation of comments via the Isthmus Catholic web site.
  2. Open Letter to Bishop Morlino et alii regarding the proposed conversion of the Holy Redeemer School Building, and related matters.
  3. Letter to the Vicar General Regarding the Suppression of Action by Spanish-speaking parishioners written by some of the Spanish-speaking members of the community of Holy Redeemer.