Nota Bene: This document is published with the permission of the authors obtained via Dr. Milton Pozo. It should be noted that though the name of "Fr. José-Luis Vasquez" is often referred to in this letter, the responsibility for his actions as described almost certainly rests not with him, but with his superiors. As Fr. Vasquez is "on loan" from Mexico, has a limited grasp of English, and probably has little or no knowledge of City of Madison planning procedures, his actions in this regard are almost certainly at the direction of the Rector.

April, 2013

Rev. Msgr. James Bartylla

Vicar General

Bishop O'Connor Center

702 S. High Point Rd.

Madison, WI   53719


To whom it may concern:

During the Masses celebrated by Fr. José-Luis Vasquez Saturday 16, and Sunday 17 of March 2013, he made the following points:

  1. The community was lied to in order to obtain 250 signatures given to Mrs. Amber Cerrato, director of Religious Education, requesting a change of schedule of the Catechetical instruction.
  2. The community acted disrespectfully to Monsignor Holmes during the meeting of March 11, 2013 where he presented his plan to do away with the Center for and Evangelization and build dormitories for university students.
  3. The persons who evangelized us do not know what they are doing.
  4. In Holy Redeemer a parishioner must have attended at least 20 years and be properly catechized to give his/her opinion in matters concerning it.


We would like to clarify these commentaries and inform the community why Fr. José-Luis made these points.  Many of you ignore what is going on with the school building where you and your children were catechized and evangelized [1], since Fr. José-Luis has not provided any pertinent information to the community and has forbidden from speaking those who had some knowledge about it.


In the first place, the plan for the school building of Monsignor Holmes is to turn it to house university students for a profit; betraying not only the actual function that it had until last year, but its stated mission written on the side of the building:  Center for Catechesis and Evangelization.  This is instead of restoring the building for the use of the church and the community according to a plan presented 2 years ago, which was rejected without any evaluation or consideration. [1]


In second place, we would like to clarify that the signatures obtained were exclusively to request from Monsignor Holmes and Mrs. Amber Cerrato, director of Religious Education, to roll back the Schedule of Religious Education.  [1] In that meeting our desires and concerns were trivialized. 


In third place, we would like to know in which way we were disrespectful to Monsignor Holmes during the March 11 meeting?  We were offended by his completely ignoring, demeaning and scoffing at our commentaries and concerns about the project.  [1]


In fourth place, the commentary about the poor evangelization we received lacks credibility by the mere fruits we all can see, and deserve no further response; but Evangelization is needed at all levels, including the level of Fr. José-Luis and Monsignor Holmes, according to Pope Benedict XVI for Evangelization is not only preaching, but more importantly, living it.  Faith without good deeds is dead!  Our concept of Evangelization is neither mercenary, in service of money, nor deceiving parishioners; worse yet, attacking them when they exercise their right to call the attention to the injustices and false accusations of their religious leaders.  [1]


Finally, we would like to know which law [canon] of the Catholic Church states that parishioners need to be so for 20 years and be properly catechized to be able to offer an opinion about church matters that affect him/her directly.


Certainly, we would like that Fr. José-Luis and Monsignor Holmes reevaluate their negative and destructive behaviors towards the community, for these behaviors are unbecoming both in and outside the Church.  We will continue, as Christians and brothers in the Faith, to pray for our religious leaders and our community.  We want to clearly state that we are not second class citizens in the Church of God, and as active members of Holy Redeemer we ask to be treated with respect and to stop the ambiguity in the mercantile manipulations of the Center for Catechesis and Evangelization.


We conclude with the canons found in the Code of Canon Law Title I THE OBLIGATIONS AND RIGHTS OF THE LAY CHRISTIAN FAITHFUL


Canon 210 All the Christian faithful must direct their efforts to lead a holy life and to promote the growth of the Church and its continual sanctification, according to their own condition.


Canon 211 All the Christian faithful have the duty and right to work so that the Divine Message of Salvation more and more reaches all people in every age and in every land.


Are they helping us to make these canons a reality?


Yours truly in Christ,


Manuel Fuentes (and other members of the Holy Redeemer Hispanic community)